About Me

I became interested in design and particularly 3D product during my last years at school and also through college. I enjoy all aspects of Product design, finding the making side particularly interesting as I had never done something like it before. I learnt many skills that have been useful and continue to develop at university such as knife and sketching skills, the types of manufacturing and making processes and the ability to check and evaluate different materials to evaluate which is best suited for the product.

Studying both Art and Graphic products at college, it gave me the basic skills in both product design and a solid understanding of how to draw and develop ideas through different media. These skills become key to being able to convey your ideas to lecturers and clients alike in the future.

Outside of university life I am a big fan of sports, particularly football. I enjoy playing and watching it during the weekend with family and friends alike. This is a way to keep fit but also to forget about university and have fun. Coming from an Italian background I have grown up to watch lots of Italian football. It is played at a slower tempo and more of a tactical game compared to other leagues such as Spain and England. My favourite team is Juventus FC. It is the most successful team in Italy and one of the most successful teams in Europe.

During the next three years on the course I hope to develop these and other skills further as I think they are vital, not only to be used on my future projects at university but also through to eventual jobs and careers after graduation. I look forward to the making projects as I find them interesting and challenging. The idea of being able to develop a small idea into something that could later be developed and processed into a living and working product has always interested me. I enjoy the process from the initial idea to the final development as it challenges me into finding new and different ways of tackling the brief.